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Amped Authenticate is the leading forensic applications for bettering the processing record of a digital picture. Amped Authenticate supplies a package of powerful tools to ascertain whether an image is an unaltered first, a first created by a particular device, or the effect of misuse using a photo editing program, which makes its admissibility as evidence suspicious. Amped Authenticate is utilized by electronic forensic specialists and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Authenticate is a group of the handy, real-world-application authentication filters and processes characterized by image analysts, according to hundreds of scientific studies and papers. These are assembled in an easy-to-use, yet incredibly powerful interface to help researchers answer the numerous questions of credibility and ethics surrounding the digital pictures.

Unveil the processing history of a digital image to determine if it can be used as reliable evidence

– Detect tampered areas in images
– Determine the authenticity of images and documents
– Analyze multiple images with batch tools
– Identify the device used to take the photo
– A collection of the most powerful, real-world-application authentication filters and techniques based on science




Take a deep dive into all image metadata and encoding properties. This category includes filters for simple and assisted bitstream examination, Exif and other metadata extraction, JPEG Quantization Table analysis, and comparison with Amped Authenticate’s internal database (featuring more than 14k tables from thousands of camera models). You can also check whether the image was downloaded from a Social Media Platform such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and others.


Reconstructing the processing history of the image is essential for a thorough forensic analysis. Global Analysis filters detect traces of multiple JPEG compression, reveal the previous compression quality, expose artifacts introduced by resizing/rotation/digital zoom, unveil traces of histogram and color processing, and uncover periodic noise typical of images recaptured from LCDs.


Every camera leaves a distinctive noise in the produced images. Amped Authenticate lets you estimate this noise using a few images from that camera, thus creating a Camera Reference Pattern (CRP) file. You can then use the stored CRP to understand whether an evidence image was captured using that specific camera exemplar, with high accuracy. All of this still works even when the image has been mildly compressed, rotated by multiples of 90 degrees, downscaled, or croppedo.


Being able to localize manipulated regions is of the utmost importance. Amped Authenticate provides you with many filters for this task, based on complementary analysis domains. Traces introduced by JPEG compression, artifacts left by interpolation algorithms, local noise consistency analysis, and suspicious similarity of cloned regions, are all used to provide you with effective, precise, and fine-grained forgery localization maps.


One of the hardest parts of forging an image is to keep lights, shadows, and perspective consistent. Geometrical Analysis filters help the analyst check the technical consistency of such physical elements. Since they don’t depend on compression or acquisition traces, these filters are very robust to post-processing and are suitable for low-quality images such as those from social media platforms. Geometrical Analysis filters can often be applied to scanned images and single video frames.




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