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ApexSQL Developer includes all of ApexSQL’s SQL developer tools including ApexSQL Analyze, ApexSQL Build, ApexSQL Compare, ApexSQL Complete, ApexSQL Data Diff, ApexSQL Decrypt, ApexSQL DevOps toolkit, ApexSQL Diff, ApexSQL Doc, ApexSQL Enforce, ApexSQL Generate, ApexSQL Mask, ApexSQL Model, ApexSQL Pump, ApexSQL Refactor, ApexSQL Script, ApexSQL Search, ApexSQL Source Control, ApexSQL Trigger and ApexSQL Unit Test. All tools in ApexSQL Developer Studio are licensed per Developer making it easy to procure a license of ApexSQL Developer for each member of your SQL Developer team.

ApexSQL Build

  • Run scripts on multiple databases at once
  • Create C# executables / .NET deployment packages
  • Deploy databases directly from SQL source control
  • Consolidate multiple SQL scripts
  • Build databases from scripts, source control, etc…

This package includes the following products:

ApexSQL Analyze v2019.02 (Dec 19 2019)
ApexSQL Build v2019.02 (Mar 13 2020)
ApexSQL Compare v2020.01 (Mar 17 2020)
ApexSQL Complete v2019.01 (Oct 04 2019)
ApexSQL Data Diff v2019.02 (Apr 08 2020)
ApexSQL Decrypt v2020.01 (Mar 12 2020)
ApexSQL Diff v2019.02 (Mar 09 2020)
ApexSQL Doc v2019.01 (Dec 16 2019)
ApexSQL Enforce v2019.01 (Dec 17 2019)
ApexSQL Generate v2020.01 (Mar 2 2020)
ApexSQL Mask v2019.04 (Feb 24 2020)
ApexSQL Model v2019.02 (Mar 13 2020)
ApexSQL Pump v2020.01 (Mar 31 2020)
ApexSQL Refactor v2020.01 (Dec 26 2019)
ApexSQL Script v2020.01 (Mar 2 2020)
ApexSQL Search v2019.03 (Nov 20 2019)
ApexSQL Search for MySQL v2020.01 (Feb 10 2020)
ApexSQL Source Control v2019.02 (Jan 17 2020)
ApexSQL Trigger v2019.01 (Dec 18 2019)
ApexSQL Unit Test v2019.01 (Dec 19 2019)


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 1GB


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