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The functionality of FlowHeater closely resembles the concept of a continuous-flow water heater. A wide variety of data sources can be interconnected with FlowHeater and by making use of exchangeable Adapters there is no restriction to possible data flow and conversion.

For example, the data in Oracle database tables can be copied directly and without manual intervention into an MS SQL Server database. And while copying proceeds the data can be “heated”, i.e. converted, amended, transformed, manipulated and additional dynamic or static data injected, as predetermined by a Definition designed with the help of an intuitive user interface.

FlowHeater – Adapters

Each Adapter can be connected to any other, in any combination you want.

Text files

for reading and writing text files (CSV, TXT, ASCII, FlatFile, etc). Of course differing codepages and locales are handled automatically

MS Access

used for importing and exporting data directly into and out of Microsoft Access MDB, MDE, ACCDB, ACCDE databases. All versions of Access 97 thru Access 2016 are supported

MS Excel

used for the import/export of spreadsheet data directly into/out of Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) files. The Adapter supports all versions of Excel in Office 97 thru Office 2016


this makes it possible to import, export and update data directly in MySQL Server databases. The Adapter supports MySQL Server 3.x and above

MS SQL Server

used to import, export and update data directly in MS SQL Server databases / tables. All versions of SQL Server 7.0 thru SQL Server 2017 are supported

Oracle Databases

used for the direct import, export and update of Oracle databases. The Adapter can cope with database versions from Oracle 8 thru Oracle 12c


used for the direct import, export and update of data in SQLite3 databases. The Adapter also supports the creation of a new SQLite database


used for the direct import, export and update of data in PostgreSQL databases. The Adapter supports PostgreSQL database server up to version 11.x

FlowHeater: Your specialist for data migration

FlowHeater offers you the perfect solution for transferring data from one database to another. During this process, data from different sources is merged via the FlowHeater adapter. The adapter works as intermediary between data from different sources that are saved in differing formats. And the name FlowHeater says it all: Just like water in a flow heater, data is continuously transformed in the course of one flow cycle as it connects the different data sources via an adapter.

This is how data migration works

Data migration describes the process of transferring data between different systems such as data import and export between different database systems. In most cases, the necessity of data migration arises due to company restructurings or company mergers. Further reasons are updates to newer versions of the existing databases. Data migration is also a great opportunity to clean your data and thus only transfer necessary information to the new system. FlowHeater adapters make sure data migration is quick, clean and safe. It is also important to migrate all data, not just master data. This way, a fast migration is possible and you can start extensive reporting right away.

Advantages of precise data migration

Data migration offers a multitude of advantages, above all, a systematic data clean-up. Data migration is never a topic purely for the IT department but requires inter-divisional cooperation between all departments of a company. It typically proceeds in the following steps: A status analysis and planning are followed by diagnosing possible weak points. After that, which data is to be migrated to where is identified. Based on that step the migration plan is developed.

Technical possibilities

FlowHeater offers you a tool that is much more intuitive than comparable tools on the market. It transfers and converts your data quickly from one system to another. Without time-consuming installation you unpack the zip-folder, without needing any programming skills. The application works as follows: the Read-file is read by the adapter into an internal format. After this step, the fitter transfers the data via pipes and heaters into the internal data structure on the write-site. All data conversions are carried out by the fitter, including ones that fall under different locales such as data formats. Different coding pages also pose no problem for the FlowHeater and can be combined at wish.

Discover our different product solutions

We offer you many different adapters for data migration and guarantee uncomplicated and quick solutions. You can easily combine the different adapters such as adapters for text files like CSV, TXT, ASCII or FlatFile, or for the import and export of data to Microsoft Access MDB, MDE, ACCDB, ACCDE databases. All versions from 1997 to 2016 are supported. The MS Excel adapter guarantees a fast import of your spreadsheet data. Importing databases is especially important: The different adapters for migration database programs such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL transfer data reliably and fast.


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