GleamTech ImageUltimate v4.2.2.0 + Crack


Fastest and easiest ASP.NET Image Resizer

Let your web site prepare images automagically for you. Save images once and embrace the responsive web.

  • Chain image manipulation commands to get variations in the brink of an eye.
  • Keep your source images in their original formats (eg. Psd, Raw) and serve the resulting images in any web format.
  • Have SEO friendly urls for your images to improve your rankings.
  • Vastly reduce your outgoing bandwidth usage with the help of smart versioning.


  • Can load and save many image file formats (raster, vector and camera raw).
  • Provides a fluent interface for easily chaining image manipulation commands.
  • Vastly faster (10x) than System.Drawing namespace and optimized specifically for web use. Minimal memory usage and the ability to process very large images in a fast manner.
  • Provides detailed information about an image file like format, size, DPI, pixel format and metadata like EXIF and IPTC.
  • Fast thumbnail generation, smartly looks for a EXIF thumbnail, removes black stripes above and below it and resizes it down further if needed.
  • Provides these image transforms: Resize, LiquidResize (seam carving), Crop, TrimBorders, Rotate, Flip.
  • Provides these image color/tone corrections and filters: Brightness, Contrast, Enhance, Blur, Sharpen.
  • Caches generated images both on server and browser with a smart versioning algorithm. A unique and browser-cacheable url is generated according to the chained commands and whenever you change these commands (or modify the source image externally), the url will vary and this will cause browser to automatically detect changes (no need to press F5).
  • Generates SEO friendly urls. By default the file name of the source image is used but it’s possible to override this file name for SEO purposes.
  • Single managed DLL (works both on 32-bit and 64-bit) for easy deployment and no external dependencies. No messy Web.config settings. Just drop it in your bin folder and you are ready to go.
  • Strongly-typed API for web, no need to learn and memorize messy url querystring parameters, just chain commands with the help of intellisense.


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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