Kellerman Software Gold Suite v32.0 + License Key


Includes all of our award winning products AND all updates and any new products released during the yearly subscription.

  • Compare Access Databases with AccessDiff
  • Encrypt Credit Cards, Passwords, Connection Strings and more with the .NET Encryption Library
  • Handle all FTP operations easily with .NET FTP Library
  • Log to any target with the .NET Logging Library
  • Generate tests for any testing framework from your C# or VB.NET code with NUnit Test Generator
  • Create user friendly interfaces with the Themed Wizard
  • Speed up your .NET, Silverlight, and Windows Phone applications with the .NET Caching Library
  • Perform cutting edge email validation with the .NET Email Validation Library
  • Find Unused Stored Procedures with the Unused Stored Procedures Tool
  • Securely transfer files over SSH using the .NET SFTP Library
  • ACID compliant database with LINQ, transactions, indexes, and more for Windows Phone, Silverlight and .NET. Ninja Database Pro
  • We also have a database for WinRT (Windows Runtime) and Windows Phone. Ninja WinRT Database is built on the solid foundation of Ninja Database Pro. Ninja WinRT Database
  • ORM, Query To Entity Mapper, LINQ Provider, Generator. All the best features of NHibernate, Entity Framework, Massive, LINQ and ADO.NET rolled into one incredible product; Knight .NET Data Access Layer
  • Read and write CSV files with a single line of code with CSV Reports
  • Compare strings, streams, and text files with the What’s Changed? Library
  • Create Excel files without Excel being installed with .NET Excel Reports
  • Create reports based on Microsoft Word files without having Microsoft Word installed using .NET Word Reports
  • Read and write to the registry, config files, and INI files with Config Helper Pro
  • Easily create connection strings with the Connection String Creator.
  • Standardize Street Addresses according to USPS guidelines using the USPS Street Standardization library.
  • Parse names into Military Rank, Honorific, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix with Name Parser
  • Track expiring URLs and Download links using the .NET Link Tracker
  • Encrypt/decrypt files and streams with Open PGP using a single line of code with the .NET PGP Library
  • Search for text, numbers or dates accross multiple SQL Server Databases with Search SQL Server Database
  • Create a Commercial Installer, a Installer, or a Windows Installer with Installerific
  • Perform device detection and browser recognition with the User Agent Parser Library
  • Easily create and reverse engineer database schemas with the Easy Database Creator
  • Search for text in source code using the File Search Library.
  • Desktop application to search thousands of source code files in a few seconds: Code Searcher

It makes sense to buy the Gold Suite. If you add up all the individual components that come in the Gold Suite, it amounts to over $2000. That is a savings of over $1700!

We carry the best Components for .NET, .NET Components, C# Components, and VB.NET Components.


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

Torrent Contain:


Size: 70.6MB


No VT – Key On .Txt File.

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