SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2022 SP 2022-5 Build 929 (x64) Incl Crack

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SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2022 SP 2022-5 Build 929 (x64) Incl Crack [FTUApps]


Creation of formwork-, position- and shop drawings. Contains all functionalities and elements required for structural design drawings such as associative dimensioning, level marks, hatching, symbols, etc.

SOFiCAD Reinforcement
Reinforcement module for steel bars and mesh layout
Steel bar and mesh layout for any reinforcing situation. Smooth integration in AutoCAD, flexible settings for office standards using styles, direct generation of the schedule, user-defined shapes, export of existing reinforcement for calculation according theory 2nd order, polygonal mesh layout, macros to create parametric members (For Macros Module Detailing is required).

Check, Production and layout plans for BAMTEC tailored reinforcement carpets

Fully automatic creation of carpets including all required drawings within one file, subsequent arrangement of areas, extensive editing functions, additional areas with different options. (As-value or diameter/number of bars)

SOFiCAD Stahlbau
SOFiCAD Steelwork

Creation of plans and shop drawing with schedules.

SOFiCAD Alignment
Alignment Module

Allows planning of highway structures according to user-defined alignments including axis, gradients and slope bands, tapered and widened regular cross sections including level marks, many arbitrary coordinate systems with additional constants and corresponding stakeout points.

SOFiCAD Plan Management
Simplified plan management

Project journal, organisation of all the plan’s attributes, individual plotting, automatic update of plan data, management of all drawings of the project, search functionalities, direct opening of the drawings.

SOFiCAD Quantities
Bills of quantities out of any AutoCAD drawings. Positioning on the drawing in the form of tag.


Service Pack 2022-5 SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD)
Earthquake RSA – reloaded


Storey COR (Centre Of Rigidity) and COM (Centre Of Mass) computation

-Reduced memory consumption during combined COM and COR computation.

Calculation of Concrete Beams Features

-Identification of beam spans and supports is now possible by defining support sections using DSLC … TYPM SUPP in DECREATOR. (190837)

-The seismic load combination is now available for the continuous beam design.

AQUA Bugfixes
-Young’s modulus for indian design code IRC 112 corrected. (200547)
-A polygon was wrong if the first point was defined as chamfer.

ASE Bugfixes
-Prestressed slabs nonlinear in ULS: tendon duct reduction corrected on high strains.

Other Issues
-Springs TH3: physically correct offset moment due to a transverse displacement activated (CTRL SPRI V5)

BEMESS Bugfixes
-The max. allowable steel strain (used to calculate the design tensile strength ft) is now taken from the .ini file of the code. Differences occur e.g. for bridge codes ÖNorm (20 0/00) and bridge codes Norway (10 0/00). The max. allowable steel strain can be set with BEMESS-MAT…S2. (199950)
-Other Issues
-With PARA … XMIN-XMAX the input e.g. of a minimum reinforcement can now be done with a selection box.
-With CRAC … BET1 SILO now a crack width analysis can be done for silos according NF-EC2-3.

-Echo Full Full option now includes additional output as described in handbook. (201088)

ELLA Bugfixes
-Braking loads have been applied without eccentricity for INT 0. (200409)
-For braking loads the factor on the longitudinal loads has been applied twice. (200288)
-Evaluation of residual areas enhanced for INT>2.

HASE Other Issues
-Nonlinear halfspace contact: new option PLAS DPDS defines a reduction of the soil pressure at the slab boundary.

MAXIMA Bugfixes
-Fixed bug in superposition values after processing boundary elements. (201117)

PLBConverter Bugfixes
-Support UTF8 characters in file names, template file names and their paths (197862, 200003).
– Result Viewer Bugfixes
-The reference to a secondary axis did not work for design elements.
-The printed normal stresses were incorrect for aluminium in class 4. (196501)


-Improved projection of copied load trains with point loads (199855)
-SOFIMSHC Other Issues
-Calculate variable thickness of an attribute area according to the interpolation field of its parent SAR. (198332)

GRAPHIC Bugfixes

-An additional rotation did not worked for view direction of a referenced element. (199547)
-GRA output: Sometimes controls were not saved, e.g. number of texts at lines. (199547)
-Sometimes wrong units were used, e.g. when error messages were also printed. (200801)
-The direction of elevation of axis grid was wrong at the interactive input, so that the axis grid was “above” the system instead of “below”.
-Sometimes the load case selection also changed the “selection by layer”.
-Sometimes SIR cuts could not be moved to cross sections center of elasticity anymore.


System Requirements:
For using the current version of the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface 2022, the following requirements must be met:

– Installation of the SOFiSTiK 2022 analysis package.
– McNeel Rhinoceros Version 6.0, 64bit for Windows
– or McNeel Rhinoceros Version 7.0 for Windows




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