SQL Database Studio Pro v3.6.2 + Crack


Why SQL Database Studio:

1. Be More Productive

Attention to the details is what makes SQL Database Studio (SDS) perfect. SDS automates repetitive tasks such as filtering, sorting, searching and much more. You can stay focused on problem you are solving and be more productive.

2. Start Up in No Time

In SQL Database Studio you can quickly make yourself at home, with customizable layout schemes for different purposes. Work with your preferred style.

3. Smart and Modern IDE

The IDE understands your needs and helps you produce high-quality work more efficiently, thanks to intelligent code completion, powerful navigation, table lookups, diagrams designers, widgets and switching from one database project to another with a breeze.

Look at Top Features:

  • Development
  • Graphics Query Design
  • Great Code Completion
  • Multiple Databases Support
  • Management
  • Spatial & GPS Data on Map Visualization
  • Exports & Imports
  • Easy & Fast Filters
  • Administration
  • Comparing Schemas & Synchronization
  • Diagram Designer
  • Table Designer

Working with data

  • Easy to use filters
  • Sorting result sets
  • Master/detail views (detail views for each table are stored in database project)
  • Show/hide table columns
  • Ability to add columns from related tables
  • Lookups (preview of destination foreign key row), selecting rows from validation tables
  • Automatic master/detail views created from foreign keys
  • Column layout – ability to view columns from tables referenced by foreign keys
  • Column manager – quickly hide and search within displayed columns

Visualise your data

Visualise points, polygons, and lines on map. Use Open Street Map, Goole Maps, Bing maps and more than 50 other popular map providers. Export map with markers from database to WEB page.

Powerful Data Widgets

Collect useful scripts related to one table as data widgets.

You can define custom widget. Its SQL command is dependend on variable @value.
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Customer] where [CustomerId]=@value
Database explorer & administration tools

Displayed database structure is always up-to-date so there is no need to refresh database structure and all operations are extremely fast.

Quick search between tables, view, procedures, functions and columns. Generate SQL scripts from database objects.

Query designer

Design SELECT, UPDATE, DELET and INSERT queries. Use data preview of analysing of query result. Create quickly advanced queries with WHERE (NOT) EXISTS and CROSS/OUTER APPLY join operators.

Database project

Keep all resources belonging to one database together! Contains SQL scripts, diagrams, connections, custom defined widgets and jobs on databases with similar structure


Import and export to various formats – CSV, HTML, TXT, MS Excel. Export data from query, multiple tables or views. Save and edit job. Use local storage as intermediate storage of your table data.

Database compare & synchronization

Compare database models on different SQL servers. Browse differences or selective synchronize models.


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