Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.9.9.950 + SSMS Extension + Crack



for T-SQL and Microsoft SQL Server

Format and Refactor

Quickly apply design and coding style preferences using customizable code formatting rules and refactor SQL code with a set of refactoring commands.

Detect Defects

Identify potential problems on the fly while you write code or check your SQL Server databases for design and performance pitfalls.

Continuous Integration

Run analysis from your build process and get detailed reports of design and performance issues.

Integration with SSMS and Visual Studio

SQL Enlight is supports integration with SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio as an extension.



Continuous Integration Support

  • Command line tool, which support script layout, static analysis of server objects and report generation.
  • MSBuild and NAnt tasks which are meant for supporting the continuous integration software development practice.
  • Team Foundation Server Check-in policies.
  • SQL Enlight Code Quality extension for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server



Code Formatting

Improve the readability of your code using a set of more than 40 configurable layout rules.



Code quality analysis

Automated code reviews, on-the-fly script analysis, easily analyze and identify potential design and performance pitfalls in your SQL Server databases.



Code Refactorings

Extract parts of the large script in new stored procedures or functions, and statement terminator, delimit identifiers and more.



Code Summary

Get instant overview of your and navigate through your T-SQL script using the SQL Enlight Script Summary.



Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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