Visual SEO Studio v2.0.2.3 + Patch


Technical SEO Auditing, at a glance

  • Crawl and see on-site issues with ease
  • Comprehensive SEO suggestions to guide you
  • Full control of your XML Sitemaps
  • Community Edition is Free
  • 30-day Trial of the Professional Edition

Visual SEO Studio, Professional SEO Audit Tool

Presenting Visual SEO Studio, a desktop SEO Software with an innovative visual approach to Search Engine Optimization. Free version available. Complex SEO tasks made easy.

SEO Agencies

  • Save tons of hours automating manual on-site checks for customers and prospects
  • Produce reports that any customer can understand, because an image is worth a thousand SEO words
  • Share and coordinate SEO projects with your team mates

Freelance SEOs

  • Make periodical SEO Audits easily
  • Help you customers maximize their ROI, building a trust they will not forget
  • Find unexpected inbound links you can cherry-pick in few minutes, thanks to the Webmaster Tools integration

In-house SEOs

  • Test & fix your development site version for SEO issues before someone else will do
  • Quickly produce easy-to-read indications for the marketing and web development teams
  • Improve Click Through Rate with the SERP emulator and page miniatures

Business owners

  • Locate and Fix SEO issues for your sites with ease
  • Improve Conversion Rate by spotting poorly performing Call to Actions thanks to folds visualization
  • Improve your SEO knowledge and learn precious SEO skills you can apply straight away

Visual SEO Studio makes SEO easy thanks to its new visual approach. Discover its powerful features!

Crawl the way a search spider does

Visual SEO Studio spider explores web sites like a search engine bot would, showing in real-time the taken crawl paths.

  • Fine tune your crawl option if you need
  • Crawl URL Lists for backlink profile auditing
  • Crawl Ajax web sites out of the box
  • You can crawl several sites in parallel
  • and audit XML Sitemaps visiting their content

A complete Site Analysis suite

A set of reports and suggestions will save you days of work: pre-packaged reports for the most common issues, and a powerful SEO-oriented query engine to inspect data as you like.

  • Cherry pick the lowest hanging SEO fruits
  • A complete insight over any URL issue
  • Analytics issues spotted in no time
  • Custom Filters, an SEO-oriented query engine

Full control over XML Sitemaps

Yet another area where Visual SEO Studio shines, covering the entire XML Sitemap life cycle: editing, validation and auditing.

  • Visual XML Sitemap editor, to let you choose which pages to include in the sitemap file
  • The best XML Sitemaps auditing tool
  • The fastest and most complete XML Sitemap Validation suite, ever

Different points of View really help

The product has its unique way of visualizing the overall site structure which makes you spot at first sight many issues that would normally remain unnoticed.

  • Visualize the site Crawl Paths with the link structure view
  • Or its directory structure with the Index View
  • Or use a plain Table View you can export to a spread sheet

Save web pages screenshot miniatures

A web screenshots management solution helps you have a clear overview of your site layout.

  • Spot easy-wins to improve your Conversion Rate finding Call-to-Actions below the fold
  • Take miniature screenshots and arrange them in no time
  • Track sites layout history
  • and more…

A complete IDE for your robots.txt files

Forget the limited and plain-text Webmaster Tool’s editor; with Visual SEO Studio robots.txt Tools you can have:

  • A full-featured viewer/editor with syntax highlight
  • Drag’n’Drop path editing from Index Tree view
  • Cross search engine syntax checker and diagnostics
  • Multi-agent tester
  • and more…


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 37.7MB


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