VMProtect Ultimate v3.4.0 Build 1155 Retail + License Key

What is VMProtect?

VMProtect protects code by executing it on a virtual machine with non-standard architecture that makes it extremely difficult to analyze and crack the software. Besides that, VMProtect generates and verifies serial numbers, limits free upgrades and much more.


Supported Files And Formats

VMProtect supports both 32 and 64-bits executable files, dynamically loaded libraries and drivers. This includes screensavers, Active-X components, BPL libraries and other files in PE-format. Protected files are run on almost any version of Windows, even old Windows 95! However, licensing feature requires at least Windows 2000.

VMProtect doesn’t support .NET executables.

Serial Numbers

The Ultimate edition of VMProtect allows to add serial numbers to the protected application with minimal efforts. The feature is supported by PayPro Global e-commerce provider, so you even don’t need to setup your own serial number generator (of course, you can do that if you really need).

Licensing feature allows to limit the period of free updates, set the time of life of serial number, prevent the code execution without serial numbers and much more. Any serial number can be blocked and newly protected files will not accept it.

User Interface

VMProtect features two modes of the user interface: simple and expert. Simple mode allows to easily pick functions for protection, adjust options and get the protected file with just a few mouse clicks.

Expert mode is for advanced users, it shows assembly code, allows to write scripts, bundle DLLs and much more. It also features more settings on the “Options” tab.

Console Version

The Professional and Ultimate editions of VMProtect have a console version that supports command line parameters and can be used in automatic building process. It fully supports scripts, watermarks, serial numbers and all the other features of VMProtect.


Five Reasons To Use VMProtect

Most of our competitors do not have the same innovative features and none has the same leading combination of features and cost efficiency. See why VMProtect is better:

VMProtect Virtualizes Code

Code virtualization is the next step in software protection. Most protection systems encrypt the code and then decrypt it at the application’s startup. VMProtect doesn’t decrypt the code at all! Instead, the encrypted code runs on a virtual CPU that is markedly different from generic x86 and x64 CPUs as the command set is different for each protected file.

VMProtect Supports Nearly All Executable Formats

VMProtect allows the protection of executable files (EXE, SCR), dynamic-link libraries (DLL, OCX, BPL) and drivers (SYS). You can use the same protection for your application, its plugins and even drivers!

VMProtect Supports 64-bit Code

Due to the growing number of 64-bit systems, it is essential that the protector supports them. We added the support of 64-bit applications, libraries and drivers in 2007, so everything is tested well and you can easily migrate to 64 bits.

VMProtect Supports Most Versions Of Windows

Unlike some competitors, VMProtect doesn’t rely on undocumented Windows features, so protected files work well on almost any version of Windows OS, starting from Windows 95. Both 32 and 64-bit versions are supported and there are no problems with DEP or UAC.

VMProtect Is A Complete Protection Solution

VMProtect allows the generation and verification of serial numbers. Both manual and automatic generation are supported. Serial numbers can be limited by time or date and locked to the hardware, while the free upgrade period can also be limited. VMProtect ensures it is physically impossible to run code without a serial number.


VMProtect 3.3

December 26th, 2018

[+] PE: Added support of “Control Flow Guard”
[+] PE: Added support of PDB files for loading symbols
[+] Mach-O: Added support of OS X 10.13 and later
[+] ELF: Added support of statically linked libstdc++.so
[+] ELF: Added support of CentOS 5 and CentOS 6
[+] ELF: Added support of TLS segments
[+] ELF: Added support of HTTPS for VMProtectActivateLicense
[*] PE: Improved exception handling fo x64 applications
[*] PE: Improved detection of virtualization tools under the Hyper-V role
[*] PE: Improved demagling of MSVC symbols
[*] Mach-O: Improved exception handling
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of Objective-C
[*] ELF: Fixed a bug that occurred when the “Pack the Output File” option was used


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 65.3MB


License Key – No VT Scan



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