Windows 11 Pro Phoenix X-Lite Harmony 22H2 Build 22621.675 (x64) En-US [Non-TPM]

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Windows 11 Pro Phoenix X-Lite Harmony 22H2 Build 22621.675 (x64) En-US [Non-TPM] [FTUApps]



➡️ 4 GB Installed Size!
➡️ Multi Language Support!
➡️ Updates Paused Until 2099!
➡️ Full Featured, Updatable Build!
➡️ Extreme Performance for your Apps and Games!
➡️ Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks!
➡️ Bypasses Microsoft’s Forced Account Creation during Setup / Installation!


🎉 Fixes / Changes / Updates 🎉
➡️ .NET Framework 3.5 Pre Installed.
➡️ A Refinement of my previously released 22621.457 X-Lite Build.
➡️ Fixes Updatability Bug Present in Previous Windows 11 X-Lite (22621.457) Build.
➡️ Based on the first non Beta / non Dev Windows 11 22H2 Stable Release that has File Explorer Tabs, and other new features enabled by default direct from Microsoft.
➡️ Build Authored by @FBConan


– Removed Features –
Smart Screen, Edge, Some UWP Apps.

– Disabled Features –
Defender, Virtual Memory, Error Reporting, Touch Keyboard, Indexing, BitLocker, UAC, Ads, Telemetry, Hibernation, Power Throttling, Automatic Maintenance, Download Blocking, Logging.

– Performance Prioritized –
This build has been designed to Maximize Performance, Responsiveness, and Resource Savings.


➡️ Installation Instructions:
• Use Rufus ONLY to write the ISO to a USB Drive.
• Boot from USB Drive, and Perform a Clean Installation to your desired partition.
• Requires 2GB RAM, and 8 GB Storage Space.
• Your PC Will Restart Once After Install.
• You can Activate this build with your personal license

• I highly recommend you download and install DX9 and VC++ Runtimes
• For AMD Ryzen Powered PC’s 💻, please download the latest Chipset Drivers

🌚 Enabling Virtual Memory will help stop Apps from crashing, and improve stability. Run the included Virtual Memory Enabler App in the ‘Extras’ Folder to enable!


➡️ If you have any issues Installing this Build on your PC:

Personally, I’ve never had a failed install, or setup issues on any of my PC’s, ranging from 10 year old laptops, to brand new ones, with HDD, SSD, and NVMe Storage, AMD and Intel CPU’s, and both MBR, and GPT partitioned drives.

If you are having issues, please try the following with any of my custom builds, or any other custom build for that matter that you are having an issue installing on your pc:

For anyone who’s having / had issues installing my builds! Read This!

– Use Rufus. Leave default settings if you have GPT Partitioned HDD (UEFI).
– Change settings to the following, if MBR partitioned HDD (BIOS):
– I can confirm, This works on both my BIOS, and UEFI systems, 10 years old, to brand new.


➡️ General Information:
Name: Windows 11 22H2 Pro
Edition: X-Lite ‘Harmony’
Version: 22H2
Build: 22621.675
Architecture: x64
Year Of Release: 2022
Language: English US -(Add other languages:
Treatment: Required


➡️ What’s New:


➡️ System Requirements:
– Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC. 64-bit
– RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (4 GB Recommended)
– Hard disk space less than: 16 GB
– Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.


➡️ Screenshots:
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Create Bootable USB and Boot Up / Instruction is Included in the folder!

Torrent Contain:




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