OCCT v12.0.13 Final (OverClock Checking Tool) (x64) Multilingual Portable

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OCCT v12.0.13 Final (OverClock Checking Tool) (x64) Multilingual Portable [FTUApps]


Computer performance is very important for every user, especially those who are working with applications that require important system resources to work properly. In order to enhance it, you can use an overclocking utility, such as OCCT.

This software is designed to help you monitor system hardware components and allow you to overclock them. It provides testing tools for the CPU (benchmark OCCT and LINPACK tests), the graphics card and the power supply.

The interface is intuitive and comprises two panels, one that includes the ‘Monitoring’ section and the other that displays the available tests.

In its main window, OCCT displays detailed information regarding your hardware devices, such as the CPU and the motherboard. Also, there is a table where you can view the current and the overclocked CPU and bus frequencies.

The CPU and the memory usage are constantly monitored and the values are displayed in a dynamic graph. By default, the program uses HWMonitor to generate them, but it also offers support from third party monitoring software, such as AIDA64, provided that you have them installed in your PC.

Whichever test you decide to choose, overclocking can easily be turned on or stopped anytime you want. Before starting, the user has the possibility to select the test type (infinite or automatic), configure its duration and idle periods, as well as other parameters, depending on the selected hardware device.

For instance, the LINPACK test allows you to choose the memory percentage, while choosing the GPU test lets you customize the resolution and the FPS limit.

Once the selected test is started, you can immediately view the effects on your CPU and memory usage graph, as well as the new values for the CPU frequency.

Although it does not offer a wide range of options, OCCT proves to be a handy tool for enhancing the overall system performance.


OCCT includes 6 different tests : OCCT and Linpack for your CPU, Memory for testing system RAM, 3D and VRAM for your Graphic card, and Power to stress your power supply. You can even monitor your PC while using an external app to generate reports using the Monitoring-only test !

OCCT will monitor your computer’s reading and present you real-time graphs showing you temperatures, voltages, fan speed, frequencies, component usage, and power consumption during your tests. We are using the AWESOME engine from HwInfo !

Worried about frying your components ? Turn the maximum temperature threshold in OCCT’s options ! Should a component reach this critical temperature during a test, OCCT will stop itself immediately.

At the end of a test, you will be able to save a full graphical report of what happened during the test, for diagnostic purposes.


What’s New:
– ixed : The autoupdate would sometimes fail due to being too fast and clashing with other processes analyzing files. Sadly, this will be fixed when auto-updating from 12.0.13 to later versions
– Fixed : negative font offsets are now properly remembered
– Fixed : The summary would be stuck displaying SSE when instead of the selected instruction set. This was just a display issue.
– Fixed : The last readings file would not be created in OCCT’s temp folder
– Fixed : When OCCT isn’t configured to stop on the first error found, the schedule status would be set to finished, instead of error detected, when error occured. This lead to bogus exit codes in command-line.
– Fixed : Auto-starting a stability certificate using command-line uin the GUI edition would be stuck with bronze level. Silver and others could not be selected. This did not occur with the command-line edition of OCCT.


System Requirements:
– Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 (64bit)


Homepage: http://www.ocbase.com/


Run & Enjoy, No activation or installation is required / Instruction is Included in the folder!

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