Passcape Wireless Password Recovery Professional v6.3.4.705 Portable


Wireless Password Recovery is a powerful yet user-friendly utility designed primarily with security auditors, network administrators and forensic companies in mind although some home users will also likely find it very useful. The user interface is modern in design and there are no confusing features to get you bogged down with. This interface is also customizable in a variety of ways, allowing the program to more aptly cater to your individual requirements and preferences. If you want to hack wifi password in order to recover lost passkeys, Wireless Password Recovery provides certain features which help to make this possible. It also takes advantage of your available hardware resources to recover passwords. Since recovering can take a very long time, this is essential in order to make it practical. Wireless Password Recovery uses the full power of both your CPU and even your GPU to achieve this.

– Contemporary, customizable graphical interface.
– Built-in support for password search using both CPU and GPU power.
– Over 10 types of password recovery, many of which have been developed by and implemented in our company’s products only.
– Advanced audit reports, CPU and GPU speed benchmarks.
– Additional tools, including powerful utilities for creating and managing dictionaries. For example, you can create your own wordlists by indexing the files on your hard disk drive.
– ‘On the fly’ decryption of some WPA/WPA2 hashes.
– Supports for long (up to 255 characters) passwords. Note however that the IEEE 802.11 standard sets the following password limit: min 8 and max 64 characters.
– Loading password hashes from non-working operating systems, various network dumps, network sniffer logs, etc.
– Dictionary recovery supports text wordlists in ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8, PCD, RAR, and ZIP.
– Guaranteed or even instant password recovery for some networks.
– Great choice of online wordlists for dictionary attacks (near 2 GB).
– Some of the program’s functions, such as word mutation, are unique. The total number of mutation rules exceeds one hundred and fifty. No similar application carries this!


What’s New:


Operating System:
– Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7 (32bit + 64bit)


Treatment: No installation required, no activation required, It’s already activated.




Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

Torrent Contain:


Size: 17.2MB




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