RavenDB Enterprise v4.2.103 Windows & Linux & MacOS & Raspberry Pi + License Key


A NoSQL Document Database that has been Fully Transactional for Over a Decade

Fully Transactional NoSQL Database

Get the benefits of NoSQL while keeping the most essential parts of a relational database.

RavenDB is perfect for OLTP tasks like processing sales, purchases and more.

Multi-Model Architecture

RavenDB supports automatic ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes to replicate data to SQL solutions.

As an ACID database, you can use RavenDB in conjunction with your existing SQL databases and enjoy the best of both worlds.

All-in-One Database

Our in-house storage engine is designed to serve all your needs in one place.

You have at your fingertips features you would usually have to plug in from someplace else, saving you time and money.

We automate a lot of tasks to reduce your overhead so there is less need for costly support.

Easy to Use

RavenDB is easy to install, implement, and use.

There is a small ramp up to learn. Our high-quality GUI with heavy built-in monitoring and SQL-based query language makes RavenDB user friendly for developers and non-developers alike.

Scale Up Fast

Setting up a cluster is as simple as point and click in the RavenDB Management Studio.

Keep up with the ever-increasing amounts of data and web traffic effectively and efficiently by creating new database nodes within minutes.

High Availability

Real time replication between nodes keeps your database online and available across multiple points at all times.

Your cluster keeps working amidst network partition. Balance load, reduce latency, and optimize performance within multiple locations to serve your users.

Faster than ever

Manage over 1 million reads
per second and 150,000 writes
on simple commodity hardware.



Achieve 150,000 writes per second, and over one million reads on commodity hardware. We developed Voron, our own custom-made storage engine tailored just to soup up RavenDB’s performance.


Management Studio

Our GUI makes the RavenDB user experience enjoyable for developers and non-developers alike. It’s part of any license, including your free community version.


Fully Transactional

RavenDB is the first non-relational database to achieve ACID across the entire database. Maintain the best of SQL while boosting your capacity to the next level.


Multi-Model Architecture

Married to your legacy SQL solution? RavenDB works well with relational databases, giving you the opportunity to add a NoSQL layer to your existing architecture without any disruptions.



RavenDB runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Windows Tablet, and Raspberry Pi platforms.


High Availability

Break free of the single server bottleneck. Set up a distributed data cluster in minutes. Replicate your database in real time so you can be everywhere at once, and always available to your users.


Ease of Use

RavenDB is easy to install, simple to secure, and quick to learn. Our query language is 85% SQL. Using our training resources, you can become an expert in a few days.


Designed with Care

Spend more time coding, and less time on the phone with support. We exposed a lot of internals in approachable way to help you self-solve problems and reduce overhead. When you do need help, our support engineers are the best in the business.

What’s new 4.2.103 (42046):

• Server

[Backup] after imporintg backups with counters the IDs of the document should not be lowercased
[Backup] support for Amazon AWS Cape Town as a backup destination
[Backup] support for Cloud restore from Microsoft Azure
[Backup] support for importing legacy identities (from 3.x)
[Backup] added support for SAS tokens in Microsoft Azure backups
[Backup] properly reschedule backup even when backup task failed to create
[ETL] always send ‘DELETE’ command when script is not empty
[Indexing] allow to disable or stop the indexing when Server is out of CPU credits
[Indexing] support for setting FieldStorage.No and FieldIndexing.No in Map-Reduce to allow storing the results of Map-Reduce without the ability to search on them (can speed up the indexing process for complex fields that are not used for searching)
[Indexing] better behavior when encountered out of disk space exception
[Indexing] support for creating indexes with ‘Enumerable.Range’ in SelectMany
[Indexing] decreased number of writes done by Output Reduce to Collection
[Indexing] Output Reduce To Collection will now batch output documents instead of writing them in one go
[Indexing] performance optimizations
[Querying] Lucene should return same score for same document in the query result
[Querying] performance optimizations for dynamic query matcher and lucene queries
[Memory] memory utilization tweaks and adjustments both for non and encrypted databases
[Memory] fixed memory leak and high GC caused by excessive number of non-disposed cancellation tokens
[Memory] fixed managed buffer leak in JSON parsing
[Monitoring] added WellKnownAdminCertificates endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Number of Assigned CPU cores endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Number of Machine CPU cores endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Max Number of License CPU cores endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Number of Utilized License CPU cores endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Number of Currently Running Backups endpoint to SNMP
[Monitoring] added Max Number of Backups that can Run Concurrently endpoint to SNMP
[.NET Core] updated to 3.1.4

• Client API

[Bulk Insert] properly detect ‘Raven-Clr-Type’ for dynamic objects
[Conventions] added ‘MaxContextSizeToKeep’
[HTTP] set default connection limit to int.MaxValue
[HTTP] properly detect the topology and client configuration needs to be updated to avoid excessive topology and client configuration updates
[Operations] added ‘GetDetailedCollectionStatisticsOperation’
[Operations] return ‘null’ value for Ids that are ‘null’ in ‘GetCountersOperation’ and ‘GetDocumentsCommand’


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 316MB

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